Do you have a financial question you'd like one of our Financial Nerds to answer? Submit your questions at and watch for our response on an upcoming episode! In the past few week's the markets of dropped over 20% and Unemployment is on the rise.  Today's Ask The Money Nerd question comes from a concerned investor who isn't sure if she trusts the market's, but is worried about the tax implications of pulling out from a portfolio that she inherited.  Listen in as we walk through our thoughts on her situation! Time Stamps: 1:20 – I inherited a $300k portfolio that is currently invested in the stock market and I don’t understand it or trust it as a retiree living in Southern California, I’m afraid to pull out the money due to the tax implications that it may have over just leaving it in the market. 4:16 – Visit to get in touch with a wealth strategist

4:30 – What is a step up in basis

5:20 – What is investing?

6:00 – How institutions perform risk management

7:00 – How funds make money with minimal risk

8:10 – What you should be focusing on if you are unsure about an investment