hello hey how are you i'm well00:03yourself good we're just watching your00:05live looking at some of your content00:08i heard about you but i don't really00:10know much about you my i just came to my00:11best friend's house she was saying she00:13was looking at your videos00:14and she was offended by her content but00:16i haven't seen it so i don't know00:18what is supposedly so offensive about00:20you00:21the truth00:27the truth is that the truth tends to00:29offend many women today00:31but you know what who's not offended the00:34eight black couples that have gotten00:35together in the last six months and the00:37three black women have gotten engaged in00:38the last six months of knowing me00:40and and credit my groups in and00:44credit my groups and my information is00:45the reason why they're that way00:48so um i don't know three black women to00:50get married and one found a00:51multi-million dollar attorney so00:53why is your friend pissed off again00:56no one's pissed off you just you just be00:59feeling like you're entitled01:01excuse me you felt entitled why are you01:04yeah you see this woman doesn't know me01:06and see see01:08instead of saying you know what i didn't01:10know that and that's a good thing01:12i appreciate that eight black couples01:14have gotten together and three black01:15families are about to be happy01:17that's good no no instead of saying that01:19instead of saying a good thing01:20she wants to be off camera if you're01:23gonna talk at least get on camera don't01:24don't be trip don't be like01:27you don't have to smoke bring your ass01:29on camera01:30she's like in a little pearl like in her01:32night clothes and stuff right01:34who's live that i'm on i'm on her line01:36oh okay01:37well anyway i will talk to you because01:39obviously01:40you seem to have a different energy if01:43man people don't come onto my show just01:44because i'm rude01:46and just if why would 15 000 people show01:48up nightly01:49if i was full of [ __ ] lying and just01:51being rude mean01:54so what do you make any sense so what do01:57you think is01:58our people's issue about you the truth02:01but i think i think that i think that02:04one of the biggest02:05issues or with this last video that02:07happened when a woman02:10rated herself being average and i agree02:13and then when i said the woman's value02:15was in the way that she looks02:17uh well let me ask you okay let me ask02:20you a question02:21how old are you 2702:2427 is a man's value and how productive02:28he is02:29i feel like everyone's value should be02:31in that character so yeah no i said a02:33man's value isn't how productive he is02:35yes and a woman's as well but i don't02:37feel like it no no no no no ma'am i02:39asked you what's02:40is it okay and a woman's value to a man02:44men are visual02:46initially it is how you look02:49okay but my question is why do modern02:52women reject what women for thousands of02:54years have accepted02:57but expect men to still be the same what02:59you still expect me to provide right03:02right but i don't think this is only to03:03the extent of physical appearance i feel03:05like if you03:06compensate you can always compensate in03:08other ways like i've seen03:10and and we've all seen it to where maybe03:12it would be a very attractive guy with a03:14woman who03:15is not conventionally as attractive and03:17he does value her and he loves her and03:19all right but okay how about this03:24get a hundred of your male friends and03:25ask them what they want03:28no i understand study that's what i'm03:31saying and that's the thing03:32and that's the and that's the point i'm03:35saying what men would say03:37i am saying what men would say and the03:39issue is03:40women have no problem saying i want a03:42man who's six foot tall03:43six figure six pack i don't want no03:45scrubs ain't nothing wrong with the03:47event03:47i don't know but then when a man says he03:50just have a standard too03:51does all of a sudden an issue well i03:54don't have to have somebody's six feet03:56as long as you're two inches taller than03:57me i'm fine but exactly04:00but hold on man hold on but man but that04:02still is a standard04:04that still is a preference and men have04:06theirs as well04:07see what we've told women preferences04:11i'm not i'm not but apparently not04:13apparently not because women can have04:14their preferences04:19hold on hold on women04:22have been putting they have been04:23memorializing what they want in movie04:25and song for my entire life04:29when men just have the nerve to respond04:31when asked04:32all of a sudden we're entitled in toxic04:34masculinity04:35i don't i don't think that you guys are04:37entitled by wanting preferences first of04:39all i will say that04:40okay i'm not disputing that like04:43everyone is04:43entitled to have their whatever that04:47you know that they want but what i'm04:49saying is that i don't04:50it seems like what you're saying and i'm04:53and correct me if i'm wrong04:54is that a woman's like her value in all04:59is i never said absolutely no no see05:01that's another thing05:02you want to tell me why that's what i'm05:04telling you i'm not telling you that's05:05what05:06well that's the thing i i have never05:08said that05:09i have never said this but that's the05:11woman of the conversation is kind of05:13okay okay let me clean it can i get it05:15out05:16okay if you05:20you ask me to tell you don't want to05:21tell you you're talking over05:30man have you watched one of my videos05:34a three-hour video from front to back05:36background situation when he was ranking05:38that girl paying attention when he was05:40what talk to him05:42i'm gonna watch one of my videos have05:44you watched a full video of mine from05:46front to back one05:47one of my live streams i just thought i05:49just saw one video05:50um was it the whole i think it was a05:52whole video of some girl we used05:54when you were i guess she asking her05:57he was ranking her he asked her what her05:59what what her ask her what she ranked06:01herself06:03so in other words no i have a full three06:06hour show that i do06:08and you watched a seven minute clip of a06:1130 minute conversation i had06:13i challenge you and your friend to go06:15back to my channel and watch the full06:1830 minute ah i'm not going to do this06:21if you're either going to get on the06:22camera i'm not going to talk to i'm not06:24going to i'm not doing this for her06:25either i'm going to talk to you or we're06:26going to have to be in if she's going to06:28get on the camera06:29the contest so i'm just i i mean i guess06:33ma'am06:33ma'am see here's see then this is the06:36problem06:36but but but you haven't even you haven't06:39even responded to what i said06:40this is when women said become06:42disingenuous she asking me questions06:44you're saying something and i said you06:45have not even watched the video from06:47front to back06:48you haven't even watched the full video06:50of where the excerpt was coming from and06:52then but your friend has the nerve to06:54make a judgment06:55and i find that very rich that women06:58have no problem06:59judging me on partial information07:02please no i'm i will generalize women07:04because i speak to premier i will07:06i will generally i will generalize women07:09when i have enough information to be07:10general07:11and you and you women are acting just07:13like so many women who get upset you07:14have little07:15to no information you're not willing to07:17do the work and then when i challenge07:19you to do something else you want to i07:20don't know07:21if anything have you noticed i really i07:22literally just asked you what is your07:24philosophy like what07:25what is it that you think people are07:27upset about i literally came in with no07:28good and i said no07:30no but as we have gotten into it you07:32asked me and i said the truth07:35right but but more so what i'm asking07:37you about is what we're talking about07:38now like i haven't07:40i haven't made any assumptions based on07:42anything that i've seen previously07:44me and you are conversing and we've had07:46and i've talked to you enough07:47to ask you certain questions and what07:49you're responding to i'm responding back07:50to it07:51so you're you're referring to past07:53videos by referring to the things that07:54you're telling me now07:56the only question you can ask me the07:58only question you've asked me is the07:59woman's value and her look08:01the only question you've been asking but08:04you don't even let me08:05you don't even let other people talk08:06you're asking me how old i am you're08:08generalizing women08:16i mean there's just no talking to some08:18of these people08:20and like your unattractive friend who08:24did not want to get on the camera08:26with all that masculine energy women08:28like her are angry at the truth08:33this is why this will always work i mean08:37just08:37angry why are you mad08:40are you yes08:43and you're alone you're alone08:47and you will likely end up like most08:50women like you08:51dying alone and no amount of being08:56angry upset argumentative08:59vile disgusting masculine09:02rude is going to change what your09:05outcome is going to be09:07and that's what bothers so many of these09:08ladies because they're having to face09:11the fact09:12that many women like her are simply09:14unfit09:16for relationships thank you she put a09:19cute friend on the camera calling you we09:20know09:21come on and even if she was attractive09:24your personality is09:25through09:28i mean reverting the curse words i mean09:30you wanna you ain't doing this right09:32look you haven't even bothered to watch09:34the video and09:36like i say you cannot make this stuff up09:40you can't make it up and women like your09:43friend09:44are becoming the laughingstock09:47i don't understand that women like you09:48really understand09:50how the world is looking at y'all right09:52now09:56there's nothing to aspire to10:00something to be proud of10:04and all you end up having at the end of10:06the day is just insults10:08petty childhood taunts insults10:11and then when you get met back with that10:13same kind of mirror10:14you can't handle it10:19thank you for proving my point10:23thank you for proving my point10:28she's facility can't believe this now10:30this is real life this is10:32real life the ability to sit back in10:36arbitra to sit back and just go do the10:39work yourself10:39but instead the low level of contempt10:43and lack of respect so many women like10:44her have for the average black man10:46they're not gonna go what go watch a10:48video10:49i'm not gonna watch a video of you10:51you're just a black man10:54go go do homework and research what you10:56said how dare you expect me to do that10:58you're just a black man11:00you're beneath me no no instead i'm11:03going to question you11:05like you're 27 even though you're 5111:09and i'm gonna have this miscellaneous11:12black woman11:13talk to you like you're 27 and 51 years11:16old11:18there's no respect11:22so ma'am thank you for proving my point11:26don't argue that [ __ ] they are going11:30i'm going to continue to do exactly what11:32i'm doing11:33and i am going to become very very11:36successful11:37at continuing to push for the women who11:40want see what's going on right now11:42is a separation the women who want to be11:44with11:45men and all the others11:49see the woman who wanted to be with ben11:51was like that woman who showed up11:52the first woman that came in with the11:54hair done smiles and the pearls11:57that's a woman who wanted to be with me11:59the other sister who came in12:01see the women who came in like the last12:04other woman12:04just compare and contrast you can tell12:06the women who wanted to be with men12:09versus the other ones and that's what12:11this does12:12it helps you separate the ones that you12:15need to just12:16say hey sis do you don't argue with them12:19just leave them over there12:20the ones that don't with all that12:22masculine energy you gotta argue with12:24them12:25but now the problem now what's happening12:27is the separation is happening12:29and women are starting to say i don't12:31want to be like her12:33i don't want to be like her and i don't12:35want to hang with her12:37that's what's going on women are12:40starting to separate12:42themselves from their negative energy12:44friends12:45and to the 27 year old that i was12:47speaking to i hope you get away from12:49that woman12:51because you sound like you might have12:52had a shot12:54but her she would never let you hear12:57anything other than what she wants you12:59to believe13:00i simply ask you to go watch the video13:01but she ain't gonna let you do that13:03go watch it she can't keep you from13:05watching it13:06because no matter what you say you13:10cannot sit down and make this a13:11character13:12well everybody's wrong it's just a bunch13:14of woman hating women13:16then go watch the video go look at it13:18for yourself13:20all the videos are up go look at it for13:21yourself13:23don't listen to what she's telling you13:24it is go watch it13:27i dare you and then what'll happen13:30you'll do just like so many other13:32sisters have done13:33you know what i'm wrong13:36when i first approached you i thought it13:38was this13:39and now it's that i thought it was this13:43and that was that and also remember when13:45i said13:46what about the eight black couples that13:48have gotten together in the last six13:50months13:51as a result of my facebook group and the13:53three13:54one two three engagements you notice13:57they didn't address that at all14:01now if steve if somebody else had said14:03that or a woman that said that they got14:05it but they cannot14:06you will not give a black man that you14:08disagree with any credit14:11when the testimonials are up on youtube14:14go look at it for yourself14:16the videos are up the video testimonials14:19saying thank you kevin for helping me14:21find my wife14:22thank you kevin for helping me get get14:25together my boo14:26thank you they're out i put it on the14:29wood14:30but again that is the extent that so14:33many women like that woman off the14:34screen14:35don't matter you are a black man14:38and you are to be disrespected because14:41you are14:42there's no such thing there are women14:43who like her to say they're no such14:44thing as high value black men14:46you're all scrubs we're all dusty we're14:48all busted14:50we're all crap and that's why i do what14:53i do14:54because women women like that woman will14:57tell you well if you go do this do this14:59do this14:59this then i'll submit then i'll be this15:01and i'll be there then when you do all15:02that they'll just move the goal post15:08that's why i say you can't win with15:09those so it's better to find out who15:11they15:12are and just let them be and go on over15:14with the women15:15they want to be different and the women15:17who want to be different this is the15:18time when you raise your hand and say15:20i'm not like them i'm not like them15:24i see where that ends i see where it15:26ends and it ends poorly15:32i don't want to end up like my mama my15:34big mama my auntie15:35nae nae name i want to do something15:38different15:40what you want to do is learn how to get15:42along with the men who share your15:43reflection15:45oh i'm going to post it i'ma post it15:47everywhere i'm going to post it15:50i'm going to boost it but you can't post15:52it also by the way uh i said it before i15:54said again don't just go upload my15:56videos with15:56ask my permission you just upload my15:58content without asking my permission16:01um that's not cool and i don't and i'm16:04not going to just sit around16:05asking questions they'll just be coming16:07down mm-hmm16:09i'm not like them thank you very much16:11most women aren't like them16:14most women aren't like them just like16:16most16:17black men want to marry black looks like16:19most black men want to marry black women16:21most people16:23are decent it's just the people who16:26aren't have had the microphone too long16:28it's time for the people who want16:29something better to start speaking up16:31start drowning out their foolishness i16:33am so glad16:35that you called in ma'am i'm so glad16:37that your friend16:38let you use our account because this is16:40a perfect way to end it16:41i started a broadcast trying to help put16:44women16:45with men that's what the whole purpose16:49of this was for16:50to use my platform to highlight the best16:52of women16:53and the best of men put them together16:55that's the purpose16:57that's the reason and i've talked to17:00women who wanted those things17:03talked about the couples that have17:04already got together but then you still17:06get somebody like that who has the nerve17:07to come in and say17:09just come through kicking stuff over17:10forget all that i'ma just piss17:12and crap all over your stuff thank you17:15for twerking on my furniture17:18thank you for twerking on my furniture17:21that's what we do thank you for twerking17:23on the furniture and when they twerk on17:25your furniture17:26you don't argue with them you just have17:27security usher them out you don't let17:29them back in17:30till next time peace outEnglish (auto-generated)